As one of the outstanding products in the world of kitchen decoration, our mattoglass is produced by the ANG industrial group using advanced technologies. This product, with its unique features and various types, has quickly gained its position in the interior design market. Attributes
Our matte glass is produced in two types, glossy and matte, and is known as an MDF product. Using this product in kitchens allows you to create a modern and delicate coating. Due to the economic and cost-effectiveness of using matoglass compared to other materials such as wood, this product is an ideal option for kitchens that are looking for freshness and beauty in their design. Applications and use of matoglass

As an economical and convenient solution, ANG Matoglass can be used for the production of cabinets, worktops, and kitchen counter surfaces. By choosing Matuglass ANG, you can have a kitchen with a modern and attractive design, while reducing the costs associated with decoration.