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 ANG Industrial Group, which relies on 30 years of effective engagement of its founder in production and industrial activity was founded in 1993 as a trading company and has continuously launched industrial production since 2007. Asia Negar Golsar was established in 2007 at a 10,000 sqm area factory in Shokouhieh industrial complex, Qom. This Company started first with the production of cabinet countertops made of MDF and chipboard. Using an efficient and expert workforce, advanced equipment, and state-of-the-art technology together with technical knowledge of the industry, it gradually provided the market with new products such as PVC and high gloss plates commensurate with the customers’ needs and preferences, and eventually, it managed to own a massive share of the local market through the presentation of high-quality products with competitive prices. In 2011, when the market welcomed new products, ANG Company started constructing a new factory in line with its pre-determined goals. The new factory which is 30,000 sqm in area was built beside the first factory and was equipped with fully equipped machinery installed and commissioned with the latest technology of the world, producing three layered PVC foams for the first time in Iran. The Company launched a revolution in this field by producing three-layer PVC foam boards and replacing them with single-layers. It continued importing supplementary products such as raw MDF (38 – 3 mm thick), glossy MDF, metal aluminum, and high gloss coating to meet the needs of the local industries. We are also proud of being the first producer of PSD (PVC Stone Decoration) covering walls. ANG Group has taken a new and huge step in the construction industry and interior designing in Iran by introducing this product. This product has replaced interior construction stones and has contributed to lighter buildings. The unique features of this product encouraged the local architects and interior designers to welcome it.

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Export of Products

At present, ANG company, benefiting from experienced workers and experts and using modern European technical knowledge and machinery, as well as obtaining quality and management standards (ISO 9001:2015), (ISO 14001:2015) and (ISO (14001 2018):) is manufacturing products and expanding its share in regional and world markets. Relying on the high technical ability of its employees, this company has been able to gain a good share in the export of products to neighboring countries.

Quality of Products

Asia Negar Golsar Company, by establishing and operating specialized laboratories, a quality control unit for continuous control of its products and obtaining quality and management standards (ISO 9001:2015), (ISO 14001:2015) and (ISO 14001:2018) can compete with similar foreign produced and presented to the market products

Economic Justification

Today, products made of MDF and PVC with various laminations are considered a suitable option for interior architects to create a luxurious and beautiful space in construction projects. These materials provide the possibility for designers to overcome construction and calculation limitations by spending the minimum cost and creating interior decoration by using materials that are compatible with nature and have various applications.

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Employment in ANG industrial group

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