• Product Type: PSD ( Marble sheet)
  • Cover: Glossy
  • Color code: 246
PSD 246


PSD 246 ANG product is an excellent option for interior decoration. With a beautiful and diverse design, these products can add beauty and splendor to your spaces in a unique way. Also, with high durability and resistance to scratches, heat and humidity, these products are an excellent choice for long-term use.

At ANG Industrial Group, we are proud to produce unique products in the fields of cabinet panels, PVC, PSD and high glass. Nowadays, according to the changing needs of customers, it is very important to choose quality and suitable products. Using advanced technologies and quality materials, we offer durable and high-performance products.

For more information and to buy 246 ANG color PSD products, visit our website. There you can benefit from our wide range of products and easily choose what you need.