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From the beginning, we tried to present a product that meets the needs of our customers to the market, we made quality products and stayed by your side as friends, because we came with the goal of making to stay.

Now, after three decades of effort and experience, we have brought quality and beauty for your life to Armaghan by offering new products suitable for every taste. We believe that by raising the quality, delivering on time and using the latest technology, we will create the basis for customer satisfaction and as a result lead to the sustainability of the organization.

Hamid Behermand
Founder and Managing Director

Years of experience
resulting from continuous
useful work

Various products

The unique variety of our products has made us able to provide a complete basket to our dear customers. Our company did not focus on growth, but it was the satisfaction of customers that caused the growth of this company.

Introduction video of ANG Industrial Group

We Are ANG

With pride, we, ANG Company, offer you the production services of cabinet panels, high glass, PSD and PVC using advanced technologies and modern equipment. In the "We Are ANG" video, you will be introduced to a world of creativity, precision and innovation, showcasing our processes and commitment to unparalleled quality. We are proud to continue working with our customers and are always looking to continuously upgrade and improve our products. Invite us for a different experience in the world of wooden products and enjoy the unique quality of ANG.

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the latest

The latest ANG products

We are proud to introduce new colors for Glass, PSD, and Matoglass cabinets. This beautiful and modern palette in interior design opens new doors to the world of contemporary splendor and beauty.

Golden Inox
Silver inox
Titan Super Matt

Dream by you,
Become Reality with us

We can paint your house.

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